50 Years of Architecture in Kuwait

Design & Curation: Ricardas Blazukas;

Organizer: Pace Middle East;

Graphic Design: Pace Middle East Graphics Team;

Location: Shaheed Park, Kuwait City;

Year: 2018


Marking the 50th anniversary of Pace, this exhibition celebrates architectural and engineering excellence in Kuwait throughout the history of this pioneering practice.


From its beginnings in 1968 until the present day, Pace has worked on over 2,000 projects across 35 countries. With this vast body of work, the practice’s archive serves as a key resource for understanding the influence of architecture and engineering in Kuwait and the wider region. As one of the most complete archives available, it documents the growing urbanisation of the region uniquely, as well as offering insights into building and urban design practices employed during the country’s rapid development. 


The exhibition borrows elements of Kuwait's iconic architecture and goes beyond just their architectural properties to present them as the dramatic sculptural forms we recognise.


The permanence and brutal form of the iconic Kuwait Fund building is re-introduced to host interviews with architects who have left their mark in Kuwait.


The rich tapestry of Pace’s architectural heritage is presented with a display of architectural models abstracting façade details and forms, shown alongside an exhibition of ‘Pan Arab Modernism’, where a fragment of the upcoming architectural publication of the same name is previewed. On an adjacent screen, rare video footage of Kuwait’s built environment can be seen.


Pace’s current work is presented as a show of colourful illustrations reinterpreting some of Kuwait’s most interesting architecture.


Finally, and at the heart of the exhibition, is the extraordinary archive of this influential practice, celebrating 50 years of architecture and design excellence in Kuwait.






Kuwait City, London, Dubai, 2019