Geometry of COLOUr -

Solo Exhibition

Author: Ricardas Blazukas

Gallery: Cube, Almakan

Location: Kuwait City

Year: 2015

Curators: Ricardas Blazukas / Aisha Al Nafisi


‘Geometry of Colour’ is a selection of Ricardas Blazukas’ abstract paintings, hand sketches and cast sculptures exploring the relationship of simple form and colour. The exhibited series of work is only a small number of carefully chosen artwork from various collections, which Ricardas produced in his artistic career: ‘Intuitive Geometry’ (2014-2015), ‘Notational Alphabet’ (2013-2015), ‘I Ching Chance Compositions’ (2013-2015) and ‘Pyramid Sculptures’ (2012-2015).


This collection of work summarizes the two subjects that Ricardas is most passionate about - geometry and colour. Each collection is highly influenced by Ricardas’ love for typography, graffiti, architecture and sculptural form. Combining these elements together with various art techniques Ricardas was able to create a visual collection of work, which is open to viewers interpretation.

Kuwait City, London, Dubai, 2019