Monumental Pissoir

Author: Ricardas Blazukas

Medium: Ceramics

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Year: 2014



The Ceramics Quarter is inspired by Moroccan art & crafts and architect’s own ceramic firing experiments. The new neighbourhood in the medina of Marrakech will provide living and working spaces for local ceramics craftsmen. Ceramic architecture components fired on the site will create an outstanding typology inviting tourists to the North-East part of the Medina.


Monumental Pissoir is on one of the elements within the Ceramics Quarter and a very direct take on the lifestyle of some Marrakech people within the Medina. At the core of the inspiration is the Seven Saints Monument symbolizing the Seven Holy Men, which is one of the more recently built public plazas in Marrakech. Instead of celebrating the investment in the public realm of the deprived location of the monument - local’s choose to drive the monument into despair by openly using it as an outdoor toilet.

Kuwait City, London, Dubai, 2019