Monumental Shadow

Design: Ricardas Blazukas.

Location: UAE

Year: 2017

Awards: Monumental Shadow was awarded a 3rd Place at Audi Innovation Award 2017 in Dubai.



The vertical totems equipped with sun tracking system pivot in response to

Monumental Shadow is a kinetic shelter concept that adapts to the position of the Sun to cast the most optimal shadow throughout the day. 
By creating comfort and encouraging people to collect around a focal point, the totems activate new gathering and social spaces in the city.



Most shading devices within the built environment are static, whilst the Sun position is constantly changing. My starting point was to create a design that responds to the harsh climate of the Middle East, is spatial, contains artistic creativity, but also has a social aspect of giving back to the community. Monumental Shadow became a combination of all: an autonomous design that blends function, aesthetics and integrity of design to create a high-quality social space representing modern day living.

Kuwait City, London, Dubai, 2019