Pyramid Tile Collection

Author: Ricardas Blazukas

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Plaster

Size: 50x50x4cm

Location: London, UK

Year: 2013-2014


Ricardas created his first ‘Pyramid Sculptures’ during his Masters of Architecture degree in London in 2012. Inspired by Roman Baroque Architect Francesco Borromini’s use of geometry and symmetry, Ricardas designed geometrical compositions in two dimensions, which were then transformed into three-dimensional objects and architectural spaces. During this development process, Ricardas created triangular sculptures of various scales, shapes and materials. Amongst all produced pieces, the most notable are the colourful ‘Pyramid Tiles’, which received attention from Saatchi Art curators and were consecutively featured on Saatchi Art Online Collections, such as: ‘Spotlight on the UK for Frieze Week’, ‘Art Objects’ and ‘Radical Geometry’.

Kuwait City, London, Dubai, 2019